Here are some great tips to help you save money when having your wedding. Weddings can be very expensive but hopefully these tips can help you trim some of the costs associated with your wedding.


Have your wedding during the week
Many couples are getting married during the week to save money. When you look around at receptions and places of worship ask the simple question of “What is the price difference for during the week?”

Take your time
There is no rush! Take your time and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. This way you can book the services you want and can also save money for a longer period.

Select the season of your wedding
Selecting an “off peak” wedding can save you quite a bit of money. Find out the differences in prices if you were to select an “off peak” season rather than in the “high peak” season.

Find a venue that doesn’t require you to use their services
Many venues require that they provide any external services such as: DJ’s, caterers, theme planners, MC’s and more. Make sure you find out whether you can provide these services yourself as quite often the venue will add a cut on top of any of these services for themselves. Finding your own service business is easy, just go to Wedding  Connected and find local businesses for your wedding.

Have your ceremony and reception in the same place
Many receptions these days have beautiful gardens, chapels, & indoor ceremony set ups. This can save you quite a bit by asking for a “package deal”. It also saves your guests from traveling from location to location throughout the day.

Have your reception at a restaurant
This is a great idea for anyone who wants a cheaper reception and a light night. If you are someone who would just like a nice meal and a few drinks after your big wedding day, this is the ideal reception for you!

Get married at the courthouse
Instead of a massive ceremony or little ceremony, why not have an even smaller ceremony at the courthouse? This will take pressure off you as a bride & groom having everyone watch you walk down that aisle. Getting married at the courthouse still allows you to invite close friends and family if you wish and you can still wear something beautiful. Now you can just concentrate on your reception where the real party happens!

Have a cocktail party or a BBQ
Having a big reception can cost thousands of dollars, so why not hold a relaxed party at home or in someones garden. You can dress your garden beautifully to suit your theme… “wedding under the stars”… sounds romantic and relaxing! You can hire a caterer to come to you and the party can go on for hours!

Don’t offer endless alcohol option
Offering an open bar can cost you thousands of dollars! So why not calculate each person having 5-10 free drinks each. This will allow you to know how much the night will cost you yet still buying everyone a drink.

Sell as much as you can after your wedding day and buy pre-loved
After your beautiful day you will notice you have quite a bit of decorations and nic-naks left over which can potentially earn you some money back! When buying items think to yourself if you could resell it once you have used it, and write a little list so you don’t forget! There are also plenty of options now for buying pre-loved items for your wedding. Usually you can find very cheap wedding dresses that have only been worn once and are practically brand new, this could save you a heap of money for your special day.

We hope these tips helped you to save some money on your wedding. We know weddings can be expensive and every little bit counts.

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