We all know we need a “just in case” emergency kit for our bride on her big wedding day, so as maid of honor it’s your big responsibility that you and the bridesmaids put together a kit and have it ready on hand for the whole day!

Below is a list of emergency items you may need on the day and let’s hope you don’t need to use them!

  • Make it work items: scissors, mini sewing kit, buttons & safety pins.
  • Tweezers for any hairy situation.
  • Baby powder for a light sweat absorbing powder.
  • Q-tips for any mascara run (get the bride camera ready after any happy tears).
  • Invisible blotting powder to ensure you can get rid of any shine or oil off your brides face while not discolouring her makeup.
  • Panty liners, pads & tampons (even if she isn’t due, someone may need one or spotting can happen).
  • Band-aids for your feet to prevent blisters!
  • Nail Polish (to help cover any chips on the day- bring the colour of choice and clear coat).
  • Mini first aid kit with hayfever tablets, eye drops, burn relief, liquid bandages, antiseptic, pain relief tablets and antacid.
  • Sunscreen for outdoor weddings or photo-shoots.. especially if you know your bride burns easy!
  • Mini facial towels to help for freshening up on those hot days!
  • Deoderant & perfume, to avoid any smelly hugs during the day and evening.
  • Mini snack bars to help the bride keep her energy levels up.
  • Super glue to fix anything that may break on the day (headbands, shoes, jewellery, etc).
  • Mints, great for just before she walks down the isle.
  • White chalk is a great secret to rub on the white dress to mask any stains made on the day!
  • Spare cash for any cravings on the day.
  • Dental floss to keep those teeth nice and clean!
  • Paw Paw ointment, hand, body & face cream for any dry patches that may arise.
  • Alcohol will calm those nervous before your bride walks down the isle, so make sure there is a mini champagne bottle ready for everyone to enjoy!


We hope these 20 ’emergency kit must-haves’ helped you out. As a maid of honor/bridesmaid you have a great responsibility to ensure the bride has the best day of her life. The only tears on her wedding day should be happy tears.