Getting engaged is amazing and walking down the aisle to say ‘I do’ is most beautiful. However, planning for the wedding is a different ball game and definitely not easy. I hear people say it will only take them three months or less to plan their wedding and I just wonder how they will pull it. Except they have tons of money and a group of staff on standby to get the job done.


From hiring a reception venue, booking a celebrant, buying a wedding dress, the invitation of guests, and most importantly getting a photographer will take loads of time and energy. Knowing there so much to accomplish, it will take at least 12 months to plan a perfect wedding free of errors if you are able to avoid them.

Mistakes are inevitable but there are ways to plan your wedding and still have a hitch-free wedding. Here are four most common mistakes couples make when planning their wedding and how to avoid them.


1. Not having a set budget

How to plan a big wedding on a small budget









This is the first step every couple should consider, it is practical to know how much you both are willing to spend on the wedding. Yes, we understand it’s a good and beautiful thing to get married but so is to be debt free after the wedding. Most couples get unrealistic loans which becomes difficult to pay back. It is wise and advisable to decide on a budget favorable to both of you and stick to it. To help you with budgeting for your wedding, you can check out our easy to use wedding Budget Tracker.

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2. Not asking for help








A to-do list is a great idea, it helps you organise all your wedding ideas and wedding themes. However, there will be a time you will need the help of a professional, who has experience in planning weddings. There’s nothing wrong asking for help. Most couples make the mistakes of trying to organise their wedding all by themselves without asking for the help of a wedding planner.

This could be a big threat because you can only be at a place at a time. Therefore, ask for help and share responsibilities.

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3. Trying to save on a photographer

Brides especially, focus on how beautiful and fitted they want their wedding dress to be and even how the wedding hairstyle should look.

Of course, all these aspirations are great but the place of a photographer cannot be overemphasized. If as an intending bride, you prioritize your looks and other wedding ideas above the budget of a photographer. Then you will have a beautiful wedding without beautiful photos show and memories to preserve.

In addition, make an early booking with your photographer so they can be available on your wedding day. Overall, discuss your wedding plans in detail with the photographer, to enable them to use their experience to give you the best.

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4. Going overboard

In the bid to display a great wedding theme to your guest, most people go overboard, lose sleep and their sanity. What most people want as their wedding theme is beyond reality. Nonetheless, go easy on yourself, pick something simple or simply go for a casual wedding theme.

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