What colour do weddings make you think of? White, right? That’s the typical response we always hear.
It’s not bad, but who wants to have a wedding just like everyone else’s? That’s why we’ve never understood the obsession with white wedding dresses. Branching out into the world of coloured wedding dresses can make your wedding extra special.

Match your dress to your theme…or don’t. That’s the beauty of bucking the trend. You can choose any colour dress you’d like.

To get you started, here are five of our favorite coloured wedding dresses.

Coloured Wedding Dresses: Something Blue

Every bride knows that weddings are all about tradition. Yeah, it’s silly sometimes, but you have to wear something blue!
Why not take something blue to the next level and make your entire dress blue?

Light blue and white dresses look great for spring time weddings, while darker hues go well during any season.
It’s also fun to incorporate patterns into your blue dress. The color can make otherwise boring geometric designs really stand out.

The Black Dress

Back in the day the idea of a black wedding dress would have caused quite the scandal. Black is for funerals, they’d say.
Though today, stars like Sarah Jessica Parker are rocking the black wedding dress in style.

Choosing a black dress is the ultimate in standing out and giving a, ermm, certain finger to modern society.

Personally, we think the black dress done right is stunning. Matching your husband’s tux can make for some breathtaking wedding photos.

A Scarlet Dress

Red is fierce. It stands out and says that you chose your different coloured wedding dresses because you’re fearless.

While “normal” red can stand out, scarlet is more appropriate for weddings. The color is ferocious but classy.

Red, like blue, also works well with patterns. Red on red lace, tulle, or chiffon can really bring your dress to the next level.

Pink is Pretty

Yes, we know; pink is very similar to red. But hear us out. Pink wedding dresses are totally different than a red dress.

Where red says fierce, pink says cute. Where red is daring, pink is bubbly.

If you’re unsure of whether you should stray away from the white dress, go pink. It’s light enough that you won’t feel awkward but still isn’t white.

Personally, we think pink works best without many patterns. It even looks nice to leave some white frills to accent the pink.

Green and Earthy

Outdoor weddings work great with a dress that utilizes green, earthy notes. No, not bright green, or neon green.

We’re talking muted greens that let you seemingly blend into the trees. In a good way of course.

Floral designs are a must here since they play right into the hand of your outdoor, naturey feel.

Your wedding is your special moment. Don’t get caught up in doing everything by the book. If you want a colored dress, go for it. Trust us, it’ll look great.

Oh, and if you need anything else (like great coupons), let us know. We’re sort of experts at coordinating the whole wedding thing.