There are many beliefs surrounding weddings.  Most of these myths have been believed for ages by people from different cultures and backgrounds.  But whatever these beliefs are, it is necessary to know that believing them does not connote they must happen.

Some of the myths include:

Hens party Must Precede Every Wedding

A friend told me about a bride who fainted in the venue of her wedding reception.  She fainted out of exhaustion.  Prior to the wedding day, she stayed awake for three consecutive days in planning plus the night before the wedding was the hens’ party.   The stress took a toll on her and she fainted right during the reception.   If she had adequate rest before the wedding day, she wouldn’t have fainted.  If I am given a choice between letting go a hen’s party and fainting on my wedding day, I will go for the former.

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The Bride Must Wear White On Her Wedding

Color doesn’t define a good marriage.  Many believe that white color connotes purity and transparency.  Although wearing a white wedding dress has become a norm in many climes, there is nothing wrong if a bride chooses another color aside white.  Choices differ from person to person.  White dress on a wedding day adds up nothing in the marriage. Nowadays, the belief is waning as countless bride wear colors of their choice at the wedding.  It’s simple.  Go with a color of your choice.  A white wedding dress is an age long myth that has no direct bearing on the success of a marriage.

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Marriage Is Divine; Weddings Don’t Suffer Setbacks

Yes, we all believe that marriage is divine.  In fact, some religious teachings uphold the belief that marriage was instituted by God at creation and believing that setbacks may not occur when planning a wedding seems somewhat self-deceiving. Therefore, it is imperative that all necessary arrangements are made, including making extra provision for unforeseen setbacks.

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A Good Wedding Must Go With An Enchanting Honeymoon

Honeymoon is good.  In fact, to most, a honeymoon is the peak of celebration by a newly wedded couple.  Some couple spends fortunes in intense heartwarming honeymoon, sometimes off the shores of their country to other enthralling locations.  That’s fine.  Everyone likes it cool.  But that all weddings must end with an allure of honeymoon in a secluded island, far away from home does not always hold.

Sam my friend worked in one of the telecommunication companies as a contractor.  The job entails that he might be called upon anytime the company faces any challenge in its network. No sooner the wedding ended that Sam was called upon to travel to fix an issue.

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You Will Only Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day

Between makeups, the dress, hair, jewels, and laughter, it is true that brides are so beautiful. However, brides go through a lot of pressure to look good. It is a good thing to look perfect — don’t let the comments and scrutiny of others stress you out. After all, there are wives who still look amazing after 15 years of marriage.

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