Wedding planning is typically more interesting and fun for the brides. Although the groom may find the wedding planning to be more difficult, some grooms enjoy helping out too.

However, there are some who seem more interested in watching champions league or go partying with friends than planning the big day. In order to bring the attention of the uninterested partners, we have summarized useful tips to get the groom involved in the wedding planning.

Let him plan the honeymoon

If there is one thing the groom should plan, it should be the very first romantic holiday as a couple – honeymoon! Give him complete control over every decision regarding the honeymoon. It is also an ideal way of showing your spouse that you trust his decisions.

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Choose Times to Plan and Times to Relax

One thing that makes wedding planning hard for the groom is that it can quickly become an overwhelming affair and the non-stop discussion about the wedding can become a boring topic for him. To make it easier, set aside certain times for planning and certain times for relaxing. You may choose to make Wednesday your planning day, and reserve Saturdays or Sundays as a day of rest.

Always Welcome His Ideas

There’s nothing that will make a groom quit contributing faster than having all his ideas rejected. His inputs may be outside the box – but that can be a good thing! Make sure you take his ideas seriously rather than simply planning according to your own desires keeping in mind that it’s his wedding too.

Make Part of the Wedding About Him

Weddings are typically all about the bride, so one sure way to get your fiancée involved is to make some of the weddings about him. Does he love food? Let him pick some of the varieties. Is he a music lover? Have him pick some of the songs for the dance at the reception. Look for ways that will make your man share his thought throughout the wedding planning.

Give Him Choices

If the groom isn’t interested in taking over an entire area of the wedding, give him some input by showing him options and letting him choose. Some men function better with specific questions like ‘Do you like pepper red or rose red?’ than they do with broader questions like ‘What color do you want?’ Break things down and let him choose between options.

Provide booze

Anytime you want to have an important and lengthy discussion about wedding-related issues, make certain he is happy and well-relaxed. Go for a walk or take him to a bar.

Laugh a Lot

One way to keep you both more involved is to have fun while planning the wedding. Some wedding planning activities are quite funny! To keep the process memorable and fun, make sure you laugh at each other mistakes and slips. The only way to make your wedding plans easier is to add some fun!

By keeping the groom involved, you will not only be sharing the hassles that come with planning a wedding, you will also create wonderful experiences together, bearing in mind that the wedding is only for one day. Make choices together, most of all have fun, it is your wedding! Happy wedding planning!