A Complete Guide to a Stress Free Wedding Day!

To ensure the timing for your day is perfect, you need to think of your time frame for the day. This will make sure everything you wish to do will happen effortlessly.


So, it’s the morning of your Wedding day…HOW EXCITING!

Starting with your first appointment:

Hair Appointment:

For the bride – An hour for a hair design is the basic time frame for long thick hair, yet I would recommend to book 1.5 hours for on your wedding day as you may feel you need to make changes or tweak your hair design to suit how you feel as well as allowing time for your veil to be applied.

For the Bridesmaids & Mother of Bride – An hour is a perfect time frame to ensure everyone is ready on time. Normally a hair up takes 45 minutes per bridesmaid/Mother of bride but over calculating and adding 15 minutes will give you an hour per person, which if everyone is ready earlier then calculated, you will have time for a nice champagne or lunch before the photographer arrives.

Makeup Appointment:

For the Bride – We would recommend to book a 1 hour service to ensure you are relaxed and any changes or tweaks can be made within this time. A general wedding makeup service should take up to 45 minutes.

For the Bridesmaids & Mother of Bride – We would recommend 45 minutes for a makeup service, this will ensure everyone is ready on time. A general wedding makeup service should take up to 30 minutes for a bridesmaid or mother of bride, yet always ask your service provider how long it will take and if there is any extra time needed for fake eyelashes (bar lashes or individual).

Hair & Makeup order:

We recommend the Bride to go first for her hair, to ensure the bride has time to relax without any stress first thing in the morning. during this time, makeup can be applied to your bridesmaids to help with time management.

Below is a guideline on how time management between the hairdresser and makeup artist can save time.

                Hair                                                                                    Makeup


1.5 hours – Brides Hair                                   45 minutes bridesmaid #1 makeup

                                                                                 45 minutes bridesmaid #2 makeup


45 minutes bridesmaid #1 hair                             45 minutes bridesmaid #3 makeup


45 minutes bridesmaid #2 hair                 45 minutes Mother of Bride makeup


45 minutes bridesmaid #3 hair                           1 hour bride makeup

45 minutes mother of bride hair



When to invite the photographer to the brides house:

Generally wedding photographers like to arrive in the last 30-60 minutes of your hair & makeup service, to capture you in the “getting ready” moment. The photographer will normally ask to take photos of your shoes,flowers, jewellery, bridesmaids, mother, etc.

Travel time:

Ensure you add the travel time to your hairdresser on the day, this will allow you to be relaxed and prepared. If your hairdresser & makeup artist is traveling to you, ensure you set a time to be awake and an area for them to “set up” to save time.

Veil tips:

  1. Ask your bridal shop to attach a “slide comb” to your veil which will help provide a smoother application in your hair design. This way your hairdresser can explain how to remove the slide comb to your maid of honor, this will help stop any distortion of your hair design later on your wedding night.
  2. Your hairdresser will usually apply 2 bobby pins facing opposite ways on your slide comb to ensure it wont move or fall out.
  3. If your veil is applied at the hairdressers, ask your bridesmaids to hold your veil away from your makeup to ensure no makeup stains occur while fitting into your dress.
  4. If your hairdresser traveled to you, ask for them to stick around and apply the veil after your dress is on.

Pre Ceremony Photos:

It’s now your time to shine with your bridesmaids, mother, father & family. Photographs can take up some time as everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves just before the big “I DO” ceremony so it’s a good idea to calculate how long each setup will take. Generally it takes 2-3 minutes per shot and can take longer if there are bigger groups involved. We recommend to chat to your photographer prior to your wedding day to allow a comfortable time frame before you and the cars need to leave for the arrival of the ceremony.

The Groom & the Photographer:

We can’t forget the Groom. It’s a great idea to organise the photographer to arrive at the grooms house early morning while they are all getting ready (as they don’t need hair & makeup artists). This will ensure you have photos of their wedding morning as well as the bride’s wedding morning. Select a time with your photographer so they know exactly what time to leave the groom & groomsmen to arrive at the bride & bridesmaids house.

The Ceremony:

The Groom & Groomsmen Generally they are asked to arrive 1 hour – 1.5 hours before the ceremony to ensure everything is relaxed and guests arrive with the groom & groomsmen waiting.

The Bride & Bridesmaids Generally arrive moments before the ceremony starts, yet aim to be 5-10 minutes early to ensure they are not late and arrive on time. Remember you don’t want anybody seeing your gorgeous dress before the ceremony!

Ceremony length will depend on your religion and service you ask for. A general service can take up to 30 – 60 minutes.

Receiving line for a ceremony with 100 guests or less will take up to 15minutes, yet consider the more guests the longer this will take, we recommend to allow comfortable time in this area if you feel its important to your wedding day.

Waiting time between the Ceremony & reception normally takes 1 hour, yet there are some receptions that may allow the guests in at a certain time, which may give you more time or less time for your photographs with close friends, family, bridesmaids & groomsmen. If this is the case, then you will need to organise a bar, pub or waiting coffee bar to ensure your guests are comfortable waiting around allowing you to have some fun pictures taken post ceremony.

Food trucks & Coffee trucks have become a BIG thing for weddings to ensure guests are comfortable and their needs are thought of. These trucks have been organised directly out the front of the place of worship ceremony to allow time for the couple to have photographs taken.


Reception length:

6 hours is a perfect time frame for a wedding night – This consists of:

1 hour – cocktails & drinks

2 hours – 3 course meal

3 hours – Dancing, speeches, photo booth and mingling.


Order of events:

Your first dance is perfect immediately after you are announced into the reception as Mr & Mrs. You can also do your first dance after dinner or dessert but remember not to dance together beforehand as this will ruin your “first dance” announcement.

The Daughter & Father dance Generally starts immediately after the Groom & bride have their “first dance”.

The Mother & Son Dance Generally follows on from the Daughter & father dance allowing both bride & groom to dance with their parents at the same time.

A beautiful welcome toast is given by either the father of the bride or by the bride & groom.

A loving toast / speech from the maid of honor can be made after the first course (appetizer meal)

A classy toast/speech from the best man can be made after the main course (main dinner)

Let’s Dance: Either using an M/C or involve this within the best mans speech, welcome everyone to the dance floor ready to celebrate.

Cut the Cake 2 hours before the end of your reception, the cake then can be passed around on a tray or set on each table for easy access. you can cut you cake earlier in the night if you wish which is nicely done straight after your first dance.

Throw your bouquet & toss your Garter 2 hours before the end of reception, straight after the best mans speech or after the late cake cutting.

Late night snacks are a popular trend happening at the moment with bite size snacks to refuel your guests and create lots energy on the dance floor.

Saying Goodbye to your guests normally starts 10-15 minutes before the end of your reception booking. this will allow your guests to line up in pairs and say their blessings as you leave.



We hope this wedding timeline helps you to plan your day more effectively. Remember, the more planned out your day is the more relaxed you will be.