It is a great experience and feeling when you are getting married to the man you love or to the woman of your dreams. However, making it a reality by having a wedding is not an easy task to do.

I’ll tell you why. Movies make seem so non-realistic, they make viewers feel like the only thing to do or talk about before their weddings are cake tasting, and a happy time.

On the other hand, they fail to recognize that it may get all heated and intense. Getting engaged insinuates that you both make decisions together. In actual fact, the engagement is like a true test on whether the couple can work together towards achieving a common goal. Here are four sensitive topics engaged couples often talk about during their wedding planning.

  • Money

Money is usually a regular talk amongst engaged couples. It is because almost everything required in making a wedding successful, borders around money. Couples usually have a problem here, especially when one couple, usually the wife, wants a glamorous wedding.

Whatever the situation is, just remember that you are a team. Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to spending your money.

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  • The Wedding Preparation

This is usually not a terrible one, BUT ALSO VERY RISKY. The woman gets obsessed and so excited about everything, she gets so carried away and forgets that it’s not just about planning the wedding; you have to be there for your fiancé. Everybody has their emotional needs; you have to pay attention to each other’s needs.

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  • The Guest List

Choosing your guest is usually not a problem, however, it can be a problem when there is a misunderstanding. Maybe your fiancé’s grandmother or grandfather has about 18 first cousins and 20 second cousins that want to attend the wedding.

On the other hand, you and your partner already disagree on the number of guests in general. The best and fastest solution here is to stick to the wedding plan, rub minds and discuss with your partner about how you wanted the wedding to be like in the first place.

Draw up the guest list together, and send to both parents, allowing them a specific number of people that they can add to the list. In general, be careful not to hurt each other’s feelings.

  • The Ex

If your partner wants to invite his or her ex to the wedding, this may cause a rift. If you must invite your ex, inform your partner respectfully and make them know that it is just a regular friendship invite. After all, it’s important that the ex sees you both walk down the aisle.