Getting the bride’s girlfriends together for the traditional pre-wedding blow out can lead to a lot of bawdy fun and noisy frolicking. Whether the hens are gathered at home or out on the town, planning a few classic hen party games may help to concentrate all the energy and excitement into a manageable frenzy. You can even come up with your own personalized variations on a theme. For all their frivolity, hen party games can be a great way to break the ice, get friends from different social circles chatting with each other, honour the bride and groom, and, oh yes, provide that essential embarassing fodder for Insta and Facebook documentation.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

DIY bride

If your friends are creative types, this traditional game can be very engaging. Split the party into two teams and have them design and make a wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dress using only toilet paper. Or get creative with more challenging materials – garbage bags, sticks, cotton balls, newspaper, salad greens. Working together to make something beautiful (if bizarre and/or tasteless) will break the ice and allow guests to play to their strengths.

Banned or substitution words

Choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night, or mad lib certain words with an absurd substitution – you must say the word ‘orgy’ instead of the word ‘wedding’, for example. There should be penalties for breaking the rules; make sure they involve money or something humiliating. And it won’t work as well if everyone doesn’t buy in.

Memory note game

This is a low key and potentially lovely hen party activity. Get each guest to write down a short anecdote or memory of the bride on a post-it or piece of paper. Place the finished notes in a bowl and have the bride read them aloud and try to guess who wrote what. This could work well for a mixed age group of hens.

Mr and Mrs Quiz

Task someone with interviewing the groom ahead of time using a list of 20 questions (what’s his favourite colour? how did he meet his bride? you get the idea). Record the groom’s answers on a smartphone for maximum fun, but writing them down is OK also. At the party, with all assembled, ask the bride the same questions, playing back or reading the groom’s response after each one. Reward correct answers with a small gift; penalize wrong ones with a shot of something alcoholic.

Cross town scavenger hunt

This is a great idea for brides who want to include male friends in the festivities. Select a list of items or dares ahead of time (they can be as silly or challenging as you like – kiss a stranger, obtain a get out of jail free note from a traffic cop, collect dead flowers for a bridal bouquet – use your imagination). Divide the party group into two teams and cut them loose with a time limit. Reconvene at a local bar so the losing team can buy everyone a round.



Like most wedding traditions, hen parties (and their equivalent stag gatherings) serve many purposes, from blowing off stress to bringing friends and family together in advance of an important life event. Add a few games to the mix and its a recipe for some great memories.


These games are sure to add more fun and laughs to your hens night. Got any game ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below