That romantic engagement and her/his mind-blowing “yes” led to your wedding, definitely one of the best days of your life. The first “yes”, is by default followed by a second “yes” to the start of the wedding planning process.

Just like with other things, there are things you should try to avoid doing when planning your wedding. Risks and accidents are unavoidable; however, you can have contingencies in place to handle them. Furthermore, little details, in the end, will matter the most but, careful planning guarantees the best outcome. Planning with a wedding theme, and knowing the DON’Ts of wedding planning ensures a perfect wedding and manages risks.

1. Don’t have the Hens and Bucks party too close to your wedding date








The Hens and Bucks party is a great pre-wedding night out or party for the bride’s girlfriends. However, the theme for a Hens and Bucks party varies depending on what you want and, the kind of friends you invite. The Hens and Bucks party is a great way to break the ice and get your friends to socialise before the wedding.

A bachelor party (stag night, stag party, stag do, stag weekend or bucks night), is a party for the groom before the wedding day. Traditionally, the stag party is a banquet hosted by the groom’s father, where he toasts in honor of the bride and groom.

Admittedly, since it’s the groom’s last night of freedom, his male friend dares him to do the craziest of things, in one single night. Taking a trip to a fun city (Las Vegas) for your stag weekend comes down to your wedding budget. Furthermore, because of the booze and the crazy activities that go with a stag party, having the party too close to your wedding is not advisable.

You definitely want a perfect wedding ceremony, fixing the stag night a week before the wedding is the best. It gives room for the groom to rest and enough time to prepare, after much fun.

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2. Don’t sweat the small stuff








The process of planning a wedding is tough and takes a tall on you; even so, it doesn’t have to drown you. Remember it’s your wedding– after all you cannot do that if you break down in the process of planning your wedding. Therefore, don’t sweat on the small stuff, these areas of your wedding are easy to handle

  • Gift registry – This is easy to put together and it does not involve you a lot and plan early
  • Color scheme – You do have a color in mind, start there and make up your mind early
  • Cake – An exciting area to enjoy; work on the design early
  • Honeymoon – Is the most exciting part of your wedding, make plans for this before your wedding.

3. Don’t let the families meet for the first time at the wedding









Meeting someone for the first time can turn out awkward. Moreover, having a pub lunch some weeks or months to the wedding removes tension and anxiety. Clearly, it will prevent embarrassment or even a drunken brawl.

4. Don’t rely on a guest to be your sole photographer







Guests come to the wedding to celebrate and have fun with the bride and groom. Relying on one would mean, they won’t enjoy their day and you might not like the pictures in the end. However, adding a photographer to your wedding checklist assures you that your pictures will definitely come out beautiful.

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5. Don’t break the bank

Your wedding is special but, it’s a one-day event and you don’t have to break the bank. In addition, after the wedding, you and your wife need the bank to live comfortably. Therefore, if your dream venue is above your budget, have your wedding midweek and save 50 percent of the original price.

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6. Don’t forget to sandpaper your shoe sole









Undoubtedly, during your engagement party, you definitely danced; when she finally said yes! In the same way, you would hit the dance floor during your reception. You avoid sloping over when performing your best moves; sandpaper the soles of your new shoes (it will take less than 30 minutes).

7. Don’t hide your budget from suppliers

Sticking to a budget with your wedding ideas is almost impossible. However, being open about your budget with your wedding suppliers can get you some discounts.

We can’t always do the unicorn, but otherwise, all is good. Having the perfect wedding with the right wedding hairstyles, wedding themes and a great wedding idea requires a well-planned wedding checklist. Finally, a wedding is a one-day affair; you don’t need to break the bank celebrating. Nevertheless, you can avoid and prepare for risks and accidents.

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