The average wedding in Australia can cost over $65,000. Destination weddings are a great way to cut down on your guest list, save on costs, and make sure your special day is all about you.

But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to pull off. In this post, we’re telling you everything you need to know about becoming your own destination wedding planner, and what to look for if you’re hiring one for your big day.

Know Before You Go

Almost 118,000 couples get married each year in Australia – and more and more of them are planning destination weddings. One thing we’ve learned from helping these couples?

Take a planning trip to the city you want to tie the know in. Why? So you can…

  • Pick out and narrow down a few potential venues
  • Meet with local caterers, photographers, and florists
  • Check out the best guest hotels in the area
  • Find the best local hair and makeup gurus

As any destination wedding planner will tell you, these things can be a nightmare to plan while you’re abroad. We recommend even taking a couple planning trips if possible.

Don’t Forget The Legalities

In all the excitement of planning the look of your big day abroad, we see a lot of people forgetting to check the legal side of things.

Make sure that the country you want to marry in doesn’t have a lengthy “residency requirement” that says you have to have lived in the country for a set time before you’re allowed to marry there.

Also, look into the licensing process, and make sure your guests have all the necessary visas and in some cases, vaccinations, to travel.

There Will Be Surprises – When It Comes To Costs

As every destination wedding planner knows, extra expenses crop up a lot when you’re planning the big day overseas. These may be as boring as fees you have to pay for being from out of the country, import taxes and fees for vendors, or even excess decor fees for shipments.

Don’t forget about the cost of traveling from your wedding destination to your honeymoon!

Or, they may be as surprising as excess baggage fees you forgot to take into account, activities you plan for guests when they’re not on your wedding schedule, or even wedding favors.

Always allow at least $1,000 extra for any “surprises” you forgot about, whether you’re the planner or the bride.

Mind Your Manners

Above all, don’t let the stress of acting as a destination wedding planner get to you. Always let your guests know important dates way ahead of time, and be understanding of those who can’t afford to make the trip.

Don’t forget to be prompt in your responses to vendors, as well!

You’re Ready To Be A Top Destination Wedding Planner

Thanks to these awesome tips, this isn’t just going to be the trip of a lifetime, it’s also going to be your dream wedding.

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