Wedding cars are just another beautiful and elegant addition to your special day. Some people love the old classics and others love the modern machines. At the end of the day, car preference entirely comes down to the taste of the bride and groom. This list was extremely hard to come up with, there are so many nice wedding cars out there but this is just a list of some of our favourite wedding cars.


Wedding Car - Bentley MKBentley MK 6

For the old school lovers we have the Bentley MK VI. These look absolutely stunning with the wedding ribbons on, cruising up to your location. These also make a beautiful backdrop for photos of the bride and groom.




Ford Falcon XY GT

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Ford Falcon XY GT

The Ford Falcon XY GT is a very popular choice in the wedding car market as is for any cars of this era and style. Genuine items can be hard to come by so there is a lot of people restoring non GT Falcons and turning them into GT lookalikes. Genuine or not, the Ford Falcon XY GT is a beautiful choice for a wedding car. The GT is the epitome of Australian old school muscle.




Wedding Car - Ford MustangFord Mustang

Another beautiful example of old school class. The Ford Mustang is a popular choice among brides and grooms, especially as a convertible model. These are another car that look great with a set of wedding ribbons. Some brides and grooms are even opting for the later model Ford Mustangs for their wedding cars these days.




Wedding Car - Chrysler 300CChrysler 300C

The Chrysler 300C is a very popular choice for wedding cars nowadays. We have seen these in both sedan form and as a limousine and they make a great wedding car that is all about class and style.



Wedding Car - Hummer LimousineHummer / Hummer Limousine

Another very popular choice of wedding car lately is the Hummer, both in SUV or limousine style. Just like the Chrysler 300C above, these are becoming a very common choice in wedding car, so if you like to be different; the Hummer might not be for you.



Wedding Car - BMW 7 Series

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BMW 7 Series

A truly elegant yet understated choice of wedding car is the BMW 7 Series. These come in a range of different models (735i, 750il, etc). This is another reasonably popular choice of wedding car among brides and grooms and for good reason, these are absolutely stunning.



Wedding Car - FerrariFerrari or any other European Supercar

Although not for everyone, the Ferrari or any similar european supercar is a stunning choice of wedding car. This can be a hard car to get in and out of and these kinds of cars are usually only a two-seater which can be a problem for some brides and grooms.



Wedding Car - HSV VL SS Walkinshaw

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Holden HSV VL SS Walkinshaw

Another beautiful Australian muscle car is the Holden HSV VL SS Walkinshaw. Just like the Ford GT Falcon, this is another beast that is very rare in it’s original form. Many people have restored these or built replicas and many of these are used as wedding cars. Some other popular Holden wedding cars would be the Holden VN SS Group A and pretty much any of the classics before 1970.




Wedding Car - Rolls Royce Phantom

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Rolls Royce Phantom

Very very similar in look to the Chrysler 300C is the Rolls Royce Phantom. Despite the fact the Phantom is quite alike to the 300C, the luxury and comfort is worlds ahead in the Phantom. These are another great wedding car that look absolutely stunning with a pair of wedding ribbons running over the bonnet.



Wedding Car - Classic MiniClassic Mini

For the fun couple who would roll up to their wedding in go-karts if they could, the classic Mini is an awesome little wedding car. They are rarely used as wedding cars here in Australia (from what we’ve seen) which is a good thing if you are trying to have a unique wedding. The only downside to the Mini is that just as the name suggests, they are small. This can be an issue for some that prefer larger, more comfortable cars.



Well, that just about sums up our list of our favourite wedding cars. As we mentioned above, this list was extremely hard to come up with. There are so many beautiful cars that would make a great wedding car. We hope you enjoyed our list and if you have any of your own favourite wedding cars, let us know in the comments below.