If you are planning a large or very formal wedding, you may want to consider having a professional makeup artist prep you and your wedding party for the big day. In the inevitable chaos of getting ready, having someone with a steady hand and an objective eye apply your makeup could be a blessing.


Weddings are live events – but as we know the festivities are almost always captured on film and video for memories in perpetuity. Professional makeup application takes that into consideration – working with a pro will ensure that you and your party look your best in both real and digital life.


It’s important to find just the right person once you’ve made the decision to hire a professional. You might connect with someone based on the recommendations of friends or a wedding planner. Or perhaps you frequent a hair salon where they also offer makeup services. Also seek out freelance makeup artists who specialize in film production and wedding events that can travel to you and get you ready at your home, or even on site.


Be sure to start your hunt for a makeup artist well in advance of your wedding. Good makeup artists get booked up (sometimes years in advance) and you want to leave enough time to work through any issues.


How to find someone


  • Ask around. Word of mouth and recommendations from people you trust are the most reliable to source someone good.
  • Ask to see portfolios and interview potential makeup artists the same way you would any other professional service provider. Inquire about which products they use and recommend.
  • Get quotes from more than one makeup professional. It’s useful to compare quotes – and going through the quotation process will give you insights on how the artist is to work with. In addition to their skills, it’s important that you feel at ease with the artist, that they listen to you about your concerns. Wedding Connected is the perfect tool to help you do this.


Well in advance of the big day


  • Once you’ve chosen your makeup artist, book a trial makeup application for the bride and at least one member of the wedding party. Don’t be tempted skip this step even though it will cost you. It’s money well spent towards disaster-proofing your once in a lifetime wedding experience. Use the products you’ll be using on the day to see how your skin reacts. Take pictures. Talk through all the details.
  • Collect pictures for reference, or start a Pinterest board related to the visual concept of your wedding and reception (even if it’s just “natural and unfussy”). This will make it easier to discuss your vision with the artist. If you aren’t bringing members of your wedding party with you to the trial, bring pictures so the artist can get a sense of everyone’s skin tone and face shape.
  • Be honest and trust your instincts. You already know what suits you best – stick with it and avoid outlandish effects that will seem out of character to those who know you. On the other hand, if there’s something fun you want to try out – thicker eyelashes or a bolder lip colour than usual, now is the time to try it.


On the day


  • Stay calm. Nerves are understandable, but everyone should try to relax. Brides should have their makeup done last.


  • Don’t ask for anything new or change the plan you agreed on following your trial run. That’s just asking for trouble. If you’re prone to panicking and last minute reversals, enlist the help of both the makeup artist and a bridesmaid or friend to talk you down.


  • Think about touch-ups. Is your makeup artist around for the ceremony and reception and on call? If not, make sure someone has matching supplies and is tasked with period touchups, especially before the official photographs.