Flowers are an important element for any size wedding and can be a real expression of a couple’s values and aesthetic style. There are many conventions and traditions associated with what blooms to use and where, but in recent years couples have been using flowers in creative ways to welcome friends and family. Some popular trends of late feature dramatic hanging floral installations in the church or wedding venue, romantic flower crowns and corsages for the bride and wedding party, and extravagant numbers of organic, seasonal blooms displayed with lots of greenery. That said, the following ten types of flower steadfastly remain the most popular wedding blooms for 2017:

Wedding Flower - RoseRoses

The most traditional of blossoms for wedding bouquets and decorations, roses have long been considered the first flower of love. They continue to be a great choice because they come in such a variety of colours and sizes. The scattering of rose petals before or after the wedding ceremony has also become a romantic tradition over the years.

Wedding Flower - DaisyDaisy

An unpretentious choice for a casual or country wedding, daisies are cheerful and hard-wearing. Woven into a crown or used to decorate a wedding reception, these white or yellow flowers denote simplicity, purity and joy.

Wedding Flower - Calla LillyCalla lily

Dramatic and stately white or red calla (or arum) lilies have become a popular option for brides to carry. They are expensive and sometimes hard to come by, but you don’t need many (sometimes just a single large presentation stalk) to make a statement.

Wedding Flower - PeonyPeony

Another showy flower with large petals and delicate colours, peonies make for spectacular bouquets and wedding decorations or table centrepieces. They’re associated with the beauty of early summer and come in double or single bloom styles.

Wedding Flower - Lily of the ValleyLily of the valley

Perfect for creating a spring-like atmosphere of hope and renewal, lilies of the valley are tiny, delicate bell-shaped blooms that give off a heady scent. They make an elegant bride’s bouquet, or can be woven into less fragrant flowers for table ornaments at the wedding dinner.


Tiny star-shaped and white, stephanotis blooms grow on vines so will need wiring for a bouquet or boutoniere (sometimes each flower is attached to a special foral container). They are are a truly traditional and classic choice for the modern bride.



Wedding Flower - GardeniaGardenia

An iconic bloom with creamy petals and a strong fragrance, gardenias can be worn to dramatic effect (in the hair a la singer Billie Holiday), or floated in water to create a romantic table centrepiece.

Wedding Flower - HydrangeaHydrangeas

These large-headed unscented blooms are a favourite with interior designers and landscapers. They come in a large range of colour gradations – from the palest cream to remarkable blues and mauves. They would be especially effective for decorating a church or banquet hall in a romantic, Victorian style.

Wedding Flower - ChrysantemumsCarnations and Chrysanthemums

A traditional bloom for extravagant Hindu weddings where they are woven into jai mala garlands for the bridal party and guests to wear, carnations and chrysanthemums (also marigolds) are sturdy, inexpensive and readily available floral options that now come in many heritage varietals.

Wedding Flower - OrchidOrchid

A sophisticated choice for an evening or city hall wedding, orchids are inherently both elegant and exotic. Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, they are not sturdy, but make up for it in drama.



Whatever you choose for your wedding ceremony and party, you really can’t go wrong with flowers of any sort. Simply go with what you prefer. They are a perfect expression of beauty, love and life. What did you think of our top 10 list of most popular wedding flowers? Got any favourites of your own? Let us know in the comments below!